Which is good for gaming: Flat monitors or Curved monitors?

Which is good for gaming: Flat monitors or Curved monitors?

What’s the deal with curved monitors, and are they any better than flat ones? 

Here’s what you need to know about curved vs. flat gaming monitors before buying a new one.

Curved gaming monitor:


•Added immersion for supported games

•Ultrawide screen is great for having multiple open tabs

•Supports high resolutions

•Improved picture quality

•More comfortable for eyes

•Improved color consistency


•The wider the monitor, the heavier it is.

•More demand on the graphics card

•Takes up a lot of desk real estate

•More expensive

•Need more space

Flat gaming monitor:


•Tends to be more lightweight

•Better for certain works

•Generally cheaper

•Good for dual monitor setup

•Better visual experience


•Loses the immersion of ultrawide displays

•Picture quality and color consistency worsen near the edges of the screen

Curved vs. flat monitors: How they compare

Size and weight:

Curved monitors are usually significantly wider than flat-screen monitors.

Compared to a flat monitor, the curved edges also make it easier to see the whole screen at once while sitting close to your monitor.

Flat screens tend to range in width from 23 to 27 inches 

 Curved monitors, on the other hand, usually start at 27 inches and extend from there.

Of course, as the width increases, so does the weight.

As you decide whether a curved or flat monitor is right for you, make sure you look into the quality of their stands. With an ultrawide monitor, the last thing you want is a wobbly stand.

Color Quality:

The quality and quantity of colors that flat-screen and curve monitors can display vary from monitor to monitor.

However, keep in mind that curved monitor screens can provide better color consistency, as all pixels are ideally facing you. 

On flatscreens, the farther the colors are from you, and the more extreme you look at them, the slightly different the colors may appear.


As the width of the monitor increases, so does the number of pixels on the display. 

So to run games on an ultrawide monitor at high frame rates, you will need a graphics card that can handle the additional output.

If you can find one, any of Nvidia’s 3000 series of graphics cards should be up to the challenge.

Refresh Rate:

Whether you use a curved monitor or a flat monitor, the refresh rate is clearly very different.

However, due to the size of the curved monitor, a curved monitor with a higher refresh rate than a flat-screen monitor can cost more, at least if you want a complete experience.

Final thoughts:

When it comes to picking the best gaming monitor for you, your mileage may vary depending on which games you play and what you use your monitor for outside of gaming.

 Flat-screen monitors are definitely useful for a variety of tasks such as video editing and digital art, while curved monitors provide additional appeal to games that take advantage of the added pixels.

If you’re playing games locally or watching a movie with your friends, a flat-screen is better because all participants can see the entire screen.

Both setups can be great for competitive online gaming, but a curved monitor may make it easier to notice details that you might otherwise miss on the edges of a flat-screen. That said, it can take slightly longer to move your cursor across an ultrawide screen, slowing response time.

Productivity is a bit of a wash. The added width of a curved monitor is great for viewing multiple full-sized tabs at once, which can be great if you’re doing research or working in a spreadsheet. But if your work is visual in nature, the curvature of the screen may be unhelpful as you attempt to assess your work.

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