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Which is better Headset or Headphones?

If you are a music and games lover, then it is important to know the difference between a headset and a headphone also know which one is the better Headset or Headphones.

A headset has an attached microphone that lets you talk. It is mostly used in video conferencing or video calls you make, whereas a headphone has an integrated Mic that is not attached or visible, and is mostly used for listening to audio files.

There are many differences between headsets and headphones which are mentioned below.

Let’s make a quick comparison between Headphones and Headsets.

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1 Headphone:

A pair of earphones joined by a band placed over the head, for listening to audio signals such as music or speech.

Many features of headphones makes difference with headsets.


Have a look at some features of headphones:

1)Sound Quality:

The sound quality of headphones is the best, especially in low and mid-range. It is great in bass tones. 

When it comes to the noise-canceling feature, the headphones are categorized into active noise-canceling and passive noise canceling.

The difference between headset and headphones lies in the sound performance for sure. Headphones are mostly preferred for their sound quality.


In performance, the headphones are the best as compare to headsets. It has different voice features you can use it anywhere.

Wireless headphones are also in demand nowadays due to their best features.

Some headphones are also available with an integrated Mic so that you can enjoy talking. It also serves the purpose of calls.

3)Comfort and convenience:

Headphones are comfortable if they are set right on your ears. Some headphones are lighter weight so you can wear them for a long time. 

Wireless headphones also give you a great feeling.

Headphones are convenient, but the only issue is with the size. It may not easily slip into your pocket or small bag.


Headsets connect over a telephone or to a computer, allowing the user to speak and listen while keeping both hands free. They are commonly used in customer service and technical support centers.


Have a look at some features of headphones:

1)Sound Quality:

Headsets also offer a great audio experience. It offers better frequency in mid-range not so good in low range. But, again that depends on the type of headset you choose for your music.

Bigger drivers do offer better sound, and they also maintain their portable form factor. 

Headsets can be mostly used for listening to music and for video and voice calls.


The difference between the headphones and headsets depends on their performance. A headset comes with a mic that is used for calling. Most call centers use headsets for their work and for calling purposes. 

The sound of the headsets is perfect and you can call without any issue.

The sound also depends upon the quality of the headsets. 

A gaming headset gives you value for money. You’ll be able to feel every action when you play a game with your opponent.

3)Comfort and convenience:

Headsets are more convenient than headphones. The reason being they have an attached Mic, which makes your speech clear. Some headsets come with a fixed Mic while some are available with removable Mic.

The headsets With the Mic on, you’ll be able to use it for taking calls and talking. And when you remove the Mic, you’ll be able to use the headset as a headphone.

This also depends on the purpose you are using it for. Headsets are comfortable and provide a great room for hearing. There is no added pressure around your ears while using the headset, which is an advantage.

Headset vs Headphones – Physical Differences:

Headsets are available with built-in speakers that are connected with a mic, that is main physical difference between headphones and headsets.

Headsets, because of their design, normally deliver a mono sound

or a stereo sound. This also depends on the type and brand you choose

Headsets with Mic make it look different from headphones and perhaps the difference is visible.

Talking about headphones, it is connected by two cushioned earpieces and band. Most headphones are spacious and comfortable, so you won’t feel any pressure around your ears.

Headphones are wider as compared to headsets.

Headphones are also available with detachable cables and rechargeable batteries, so you can take your pick.

Headsets or Headphones – Which To Buy?

▶Why You Should Buy Headsets?

Headsets are best for gaming and calling purposes in call centers. The headsets offer immersive sound quality.

It offers a microphone, which makes the sound clear.

For gaming purposes, different gaming headsets give you complete clarity in sound so that you can enjoy your games. 

 If you need a headphone with an attached Mic, then a headset is a perfect choice for you.

▶Why you should buy Headphones?

Headphones are portable and that is the reason many people prefer headphones while traveling.

Foldable headphones can be carried in any case along with you.

Headphones are available in wired and wireless forms, so you can choose according to your needs.

Headphones are the most preferred choice for listening to music. If you don’t have any Mic requirement, then choose a headphone.


It is difficult to choose between headphones and headsets. Quality and brands are the most important factors about headphones and headsets. 

If the quality is good you will not face any issues with the sounds.

A branded headphone can last longer than an unbranded one.

This also goes for a headset you buy. Invest in a good brand to experience the best range and sound.

Buying a headphone or a headset requires some feature comparison.

Compare both and then decide which one is perfect for your studio needs or music needs.

After all, a headset or headphones is important for a great sounding experience.

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