1440p vs 1080p

Is 1080 or 1440p better? A Detailed Review

There are two types of resolutions available in mid-range monitors, are 1080p and 1440p. In this article, we provide every difference so that you will understand 1080 or 1440p, and which is better.

Which one is better?1080 or 1440p

Let’s talk about this in this article.

There is no doubt that in comparison between 1080p and 1440p resolutions, the 1440p is surely better. Its display has double the number of pixels as compared to 1080p.

As we all know that if the number of pixels is high, we can get better and sharp picture quality.

If you have to choose the same model monitor that comes with two resolutions, that one with 1080p and the second variant with higher resolutions ( maybe consider it to 1440p ) then you should always go with the higher resolutions. 

Things do not end here. You should keep reading this article to understand more.

1080p or 1440p: How To Choose The Perfect Resolution For Yourself

It is quite important to understand what type of computer you should need.

When talking about the screen resolution, more pixels generally indicate a higher image quality.

32 inches 1440p resolution monitor will deliver the same sharpness in the picture as a 24 inches 1080p monitor does.

If you need a big screen monitor of 27 inches or more, you should go with a 1440p or higher pixels resolution monitor. 

1440p offers you almost double the improvement in picture quality as compared to 1080p.

A 1080p display requires less storage and CPU power to display the image as there are half of the total pixels as compared to 1440p and the CPU will take less time to render the picture to display it.

Which is better for gaming?1080 or 1440p

In gaming, we always need a sharp image with a high refresh rate of the monitor.

The sharpness of the image also depends upon the resolution of the monitor.

For some games, 1440p is definitely superior to 1080p because of its higher quality giving you a better, more immersive image. Having this type of monitor gives you an advantage as you may be able to immediately notice the elements in your game no matter how small they are.

 Having a 1440p resolution will allow you to get anti-aliasing and you will get smooth-looking gameplay.

Which is better for working?1080 or 1440p

Most professionals opt for a dual monitor or widescreen setup because it improves productivity. Although these setups can be configured to all types of monitors, a 1440p monitor is more visually appealing.

The best 1440p monitors offer the perfect balance between high image quality and affordability. 

In the end, the 1440p monitors are the best for working and for the sharp screen.


1440p is the ideal monitor in all categories, but only if you and your desktop system can afford it.

In this discussion of 1080p or 1440p, we conclude if you have a budget and looking for 27 inches or more display size monitor, then 1440p is the best option for you with higher refresh rates ( 144hz or more ).

1080p monitors are also very good if you are going to use them for normal basic purposes. Such as watching videos, doing office stuff and all


 Performance-wise, 1440p will demand more from your PC. Keep all this in mind when making your purchase decision. 

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