FreeSync vs G-Sync Monitors:

Are you confused about which is better FreeSync vs G-Sync Monitors?

Don’t worry after reading this article you will understand every difference between these two terms.

When buying a monitor for your gaming and office purposes,  It is necessary to compare both the technologies FreeSync and G-sync.

Both the technologies are advanced and improve your monitor’s performance with the graphics card that is beneficial while you are playing games.

There are many differences between these technologies and some advantages and disadvantages of each.

In recent years there has been a lot of development in these technologies. The development in refresh rate and resolution are very important in gaming monitors.

Due to these technologies, the monitors can adjust the refresh rate and time that of the video card that provides a high refresh rate to the monitors so you will enjoy a smooth gaming experience.

These technologies improved your monitor’s refresh rate so you can’t face the problem of screen tearing. 

Screen tearing is one of the biggest problems faced by you when you are playing games.

These technologies can deal with graphics cards that can deal higher frame rate than monitors can handle. So you can enjoy your games without any problem with screen tearing and shuttering.

Choosing the best monitor is difficult but we are here to guide you to solve your problem.

In this article, you can read everything you want to know about FreeSync and G-Sync. And also learned that which one is better for your usage.

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What is FreeSync?

because most peoples have issues with screen tearing and shuttering while playing competitive games. So it comes to remove all these problems.

FreeSync is not only restricted to AMD graphics cards but also matched with a select Nvidia Graphics card. 

It also comes in many versions that are with the best technologies that can solve your all problems. FreeSync improves your gameplay quality by removing screen tearing.

FreeSync is produced by three key determinants.

• Screen tearing

• Shuttering

• V-Sync.

These are some features that are important when you are looking for a monitor.

Size and Resolution:

What is the most important thing for you? The size or a sharp image. A 27-inch display is pretty good. Big display but not very much big.  We recommend a high resolution that gives you a sharp and clear image. 

Refresh Rate:

The higher the refresh rate the more smooth your gameplay will be. If you want a smooth gaming experience and a game without any hurdles then you have to choose a FreeSync monitor with at least a 144 Hz refresh rate.

Response time:

If you are looking for a FreeSync monitor that gives you a sharp gameplay experience then we must recommend you to buy a monitor with 1ms or faster.


• Less expensive

• Helps in visual distortion 


• FreeSync is not compatible with Nvidia

• FreeSync can be inconsistent.

What components I will need to use in FreeSync monitor?

You need the following components to use FreeSync monitors.

• A compatible Graphics card

• A compatible monitor

• An input cable.

What is G-Sync?

  1. Sync is a new display technology that gives you a better and smooth gaming experience without any problems.

FreeSync and G-Sync are quite similar but also have some differences that we all need to know about them.

Screen tearing, input lag, and screen shuttering, all these terms are eliminated with G-Sync technology. After eliminating these problems your gameplay will be smooth.

G-Sync also develops many versions for the betterment. Some devices support freeSync and some do not, it depends upon your monitor.

It is also important that the display may also support these technologies for better working.

Here is everything you need to know about the G-Sync monitors that you keep under consideration when you are buying a monitor.

There are some features that you need to keep in your mind.

Size and resolution:

A Big screen is important for a great gaming experience but a high resolution is also important that you need to keep in mind.

The display with 27 inches is good for gaming. We suggest the minimum 2560×1440 resolution for a better gaming experience.

Refresh rate:

The refresh rate is also the most important factor that keeps in your need. If the refresh rate is high then your gaming experience is amazing. We recommend the 165Hz refresh rate for a good gaming experience without any problems.

Response time:

Along with a refresh rate, the response time is also worth the gameplay. The average response time of G-Sync is 1ms or faster than this.


• Works with low a refresh rate

• Reduce input lag

• Premium quality


• Expensive

• Doesn’t work with AMD cards

What components I will need to use G-Sync monitor?

Here are some components that you need to use a G-Sync monitor.

• Window 10, 8, and 7.1 required

An GTX 650 Ti graphic cards

• Display port 1.2 

• Driver R340.52 or higher.

FreeSync vs G-Sync monitors: Which one is better?

If you are a gamer and the performance and image quality of the monitors is your priority while choosing a monitor then FreeSync and G-Sync technologies fulfill your needs.

Input lag and screen tearing is the main difference between these two terms.

If you can compromise on low input lag or less screen tearing then you should choose FreeSync and it is well suitable for you.

But If you are not ready to compromise and searching for a smooth gaming experience without any screen tearing and shuttering and if you are ok with minor input lag then you will choose G-Sync and it also fulfills your needs.

The G-Sync monitors are expensive than FreeSync. If you have less money then you have to buy FreeSync and if there is no concern with money then of course you should buy a G-Sync.

The decision-making is really up to you.

We hope that we can solve your problem about FreeSync vs G-Sync Monitors.

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Thanks for reading.

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