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Best ways to cool a gaming laptop.

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A gaming laptop is a way to go if you want a top-of-the-line machine that can play all your favorite games and won’t break down on you. But, there’s one problem: they tend to run hot. If you don’t want your computer overheating so much it fries itself because of heat exposure, keep reading for 15 ways to keep your computer cool.

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1. Clean out the dust:

Dust can build up in your laptop over time, especially if you use it regularly. This excess dust doesn’t just hang out there without effect though–it builds up inside and around where your fan is located, which will then cause for a noisy laptop, but more importantly, means that your fans aren’t as functional as they could be. This can make your computer overheat and eventually stop running, which we definitely don’t want! The best way to fix this is to use a combination of compressed air and a brush (or even your fingers if you absolutely must) to clear out the dust bunnies and other dirt and debris that has gathered in your laptop.

2. Uninstall the bloated:

Another reason why your laptop might be overheating is because it has too many programs running at once. When you are working on a computer, there are always processes running behind the scenes, but they can take up more resources than necessary sometimes when you have other program open that are also trying to access your computer’s hardware. This then causes your game or other programs to crash, or because there are too many processes running at once that need regular access to the same hardware, it will make it harder for your fans to cool down the interior of your laptop.

Removing some of these unnecessary processes can help keep your laptop’s temperature down and your gaming time uninterrupted. You can do this manually, or you can download a program that specializes in killing these unnecessary running tasks.

3. Ensure all of your fans are functional:

It is rare for a laptop fan to burn out completely, but if it does happen then it just means that your computer will overheat even faster than it already does. It’s hard to tell if all your fans are functional just by looking at them, so the best way to find out is to use a program like Speccy

to keep track of everything that is running on your laptop and look for any signs that your fans aren’t doing their jobs properly. If you see one or more of your fans maxing out the temperature (which the program will tell you) then you definitely need to replace them as soon as possible.

4. Don’t use your laptop on a pillow or soft surface:

This is because there isn’t any ventilation and it restricts airflow towards the bottom, which is where the fan intake is located. It will heat up your laptop much faster than it already does and cause for a very uncomfortable experience.

5. Keep the vents unblocked:

If there is any dust or dirt that has gotten into your computer’s vents then this will also restrict airflow and essentially force your fan to work harder than it already does. This extra stress on the fan will cause for your laptop to heat up faster and also make it run louder than usual.

6. Make sure your fans are properly vented:

If you notice the vents on your fan aren’t very big or seem to be blocked, then this can cause for major overheating issues with your computer. You will need to get a new computer if this is the case because there isn’t any way to fix this.

7. Don’t use your laptop on your lap:

Yes, even if you are wearing shorts or pants that may seem too thin for comfort, it’s still not a good idea to actually do this! If you can see the fan vents underneath where you’re using your laptop, then this means that there isn’t any sort of screen blocking the way. This can cause for heat to build up underneath your laptop and transfer onto your lap, which will not only be uncomfortable but could also lead to some bad burns in worst-case scenarios.

8. Make sure the air intake is unblocked:

The air intake on your laptop is usually located at the bottom, and it’s there to take in cool air and blow out warm air. If you block the intake completely due to a screen or something then this will cause your computer’s temperature to go up significantly and also make for much noisier fans than usual.

9. Make sure there are no loose screws:

Sometimes there will be screws on your laptop that is either already loose or looks like it is starting to get loose. This can not only affect the way your laptop’s cooling system functions but also make for a much louder fan than usual, which can be quite annoying if you are trying to game with others nearby.

10. Use compressed air when cleaning:

To clean out whatever dust may have gotten into your laptop’s intake, you’ll need to use something like compressed air. This can be found in any computer store or even at Staples if you would rather avoid the hassle of buying it online. You just need to hold the can upright and release it about 6-8 inches away from your laptop while holding it vertically.

11. Find out what is causing the overheating:

If you’ve tried all of this and still can’t stop your laptop from overheating, then there may be some software issue that is preventing your computer’s cooling system from working properly. It could even be an error on Microsoft Windows’ side or something else entirely, which is why you’ll need to do some troubleshooting to figure this out.

12. Update your BIOS:

The BIOS is the software that runs directly from your laptop’s storage and it can be something that will mess with your laptop’s cooling system or fans if there isn’t a proper update made for them. If you see a notification when booting up your laptop that says there is an update available, then make sure to download and install this software as soon as possible. You can do this by going into the Advanced Setting section of your BIOS and look for “BIOS”.

13. Update any other drivers you may need:

If you’re still getting notifications that say there aren’t updates available for your laptop’s drivers then you may need to install these manually. This can be done easily by just going into your Windows Device Manager and looking for “System” or whatever else it says on the list.

14. Make sure there aren’t any physical obstructions:

If there isn’t proper airflow in your laptop, then this will cause overheating issues to occur. There can be instances where something is blocking the intake or possibly even the fan, which will need to be removed or replaced if this is the case.

15. Replace any worn out fans:

If your laptop’s fan seems loud or you notice that there isn’t as much airflow as usual, then it may be time to replace the fan and clear out anything that may be blocking it. You can do this by opening up your laptop and finding where the fan is located, which will make replacing it easier in case you don’t already know how to go about doing this yourself.

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