Best monitors for Valorant: A Detailed Review with buying guide 2022

Best monitors for Valorant: A Detailed Review with buying guide 2022

FPS shooting game

Are you looking for the best monitors for valorant?

Then you come to the right place because I know you are also a fan of a newly released somehow between shooting and fighting game that is VALORANT, and searching for the best monitor so that no one beat you while playing it online. Because of this reason I am here to present you with an article that will fully guide you that which one is the best monitors for valorant in terms of price and features as well.

Why we choose the Best monitor for valorant:

Gaming is somehow different from other usages because it must require a perfect device with a much higher refresh rate, low response time, and plenty of gaming features. So you should read the article first and then make a better decision for yourself so that after some time you cant regret your choice.

Editor’s Choice:

So after much research, we have found that Alienware AW2521H  and MSI MAG251RX are the best monitor for VALORANT. But everyone has their own opinion. It’s all up to you to select the best one that is not only good for gaming also does well office work, video editing, photo editing, and programming.


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Let’s discuss our First Product.

1)Benq Zowie XL2546: Best monitors for valorant

Best monitors for valorant
best monitor for valorant

Presenting you the top monitor for VALORANT. Not only valorant but also it is one of the sleek designed and featured monitors that supports ultra-fast and smooth gameplay.

Superfast refresh rate:

It is made for those gamers who required tearing-free, fast-paced picture quality gadgets. So here it comes with 24.5 inches screen size with 1920 x 1080p resolution at FHD graphics that provides really clear and much smooth picture quality that is more joyous for the eyes. And you can easily play VALORANT at 1080p with 60 FPS that’s sharp gameplay for you.

For smooth gaming:

Also, ZOWIEs provides dynamic accuracy(DyAc) technology for those gamers who require extra accuracy while playing competitive games. This will help you to control recoil while playing FPS shooting games. Also, it increases your shooting accuracy in VALORANT.

Moreover, here ZOXIE provides you a super-fast 240 Hz with a rapid 1 ms response time, so here don’t be worry about tearing, suffering, and ghosting of pixels while playing VALORANT because it is a competitive game and ZOWIE in this brand provides many features that never let you down.

Rich Connectivity options:

A lot of connectivity options are seen here. There are 2 x HDMI port 2.0, headphone jack, microphone jack, 2 x display port 1.4, and USB downstream and upstream as well. For gamers, easy to connect headphones or headsets and also enjoy the multimonitor system.

In addition, it consists of an ergonomic stand that is a simple sleek design, which can be removed as well because it is VESA wall mountable 100 x 100mm. So adjust it toward the wall for better and easy viewing angles.

Viewing angles:

However, its stand can be a tilt at a 5deg to 20deg angle, swivel at left and right at 45/45 deg, height adjustable at 90deg, and pivot as well. So all the things you need are here.

Just for Gamers:

Furthermore, here you have a shield that made its user more focused on the monitor and just concentrate on winning the battle. So playing VALORANT is to be a joyous experience for you in ZOWIE.

The black equalizer feature made things brighter for you to spot enemies in darker areas. So don’t be worry about hidden campers while playing VALORANT.

If you play VALORANT for hours in this gadget then it doesn’t affect your eyes due to its flicker-free and low blue light features that eliminate all the dangerous blue light.

So these all features made this the best monitor for VALORANT. Click here to check the price on AMAZON.  


This sleek design monitor got 4.8 out of 5-star ratings on AMAZON. That means almost all the buyers love this product and leave a positive review in the comments.

Positive responses:

One customer gives this monitor 5 stars and said that this monitor is unbeatable in performance and speed as well. Also if you compare it with ASUS then this monitor is on top while playing FPS gaming.

Another customer also gives it 5 stars and he is satisfied with its DyAc feature that reduces any kind of blur and made things uploaded at a faster rate. He also says that I replace my old BENQ 2730 with this one and becomes satisfied with my decision.

Negative Response:

Just another customer who doesn’t like this product and gives 2 stars on AMAZON said that I take this just because of the TN panel but its performance is very slow than ACER. also, its DyAc feature didn’t work well. There is ghosting in sharp-paced gaming.

So here I try my best to make things easier for you. Each thing is in front of you and now it’s your choice to consider it or not for playing VALORANT.

Key specs and features:

SCREEN SIZE 24.5 inches
RESOLUTION 1920 x 1080 pixels
ITEM WEIGHT 16.5 lbs
SPECIFIC USE Shooting games and programming as well.
  • 240 Hz with 1 ms response time is excellent for VALOANT.
  • Good ergonomic stand.
  • Better view on darker sides.
  • Narrow viewing angles due to TN panel.
  • No built-in speakers.


Does this monitor have G-sync?

After the update of Nvidia, you can run G-Sync on this monitor.

Did DyAc increase input lag?

No, DyAc did not create any kind of input lag and it doesn’t add any extra load on the system.

Can i play on ps5 at 1080p 120 Hz?

Yes but you can do it much cheaper at the better-suited monitor.

Does this monitor support 110-240 V power?

Yes, 110 at a regular plug-in.

Is this monitor have G-Sync or FreeSync?

No, it doesn’t have anyone out of these two. And this is the only drawback of this gadget.


Every product has good things and bad things as well. So read carefully our review and choose the best one for your enhanced experience. If you didn’t like this product then move on to ASUS, MSI, or others. You can also use the Best monitor for WOW for playing Valorant.


2) ASUS TUF VG279QM:Best monitors for Valorant

ASUS TUF VG279QM:Best monitors for Valorant
best monitor for Valorant

The second choice that we select for your smooth VALORANT gaming experience is ASUS TUF VG279QM. Yes, it has plenty of gameplay features that did not disturb you while playing FPS shooting games like VALORANT.

Now if we look at this sleek design monitor in detail then we see that it is 27 inches flat screen with a 1080p FHD resolution screen that made picture quality easy to judge and sharp with no blur. Just because of the display HDR400, you will see the major difference between HDR and non-HDR images. Every object detects more clear pixels. So this will be made your focus on the screen much well and fighting with your opponents much easier.

Power full Speakers:

ASUS provides its customer with built-in 2W x2 powerful stereo speakers for good sound quality. In addition to that, there is a headphone audio jack as well with 2 x HDMI 2.0 ports and 1 x display 1.4 port. So you can easily be made a multimonitor setup for the enhancement to playing VALORANT games.

Good Refresh rate and Response time:

Moreover, the incredibly fast refresh rate of 280 Hz is double as you see in 144 Hz. even though 144 Hz is also good for the gaming department. But here you will feel the taste of super-fast 280 Hz so that gaming runs perfectly with a much more sharp picture display.

Also, we have a 1 ms rapid response time for playing heavy games like VALORANT. It eliminates any kind of input lag and ghosting of objects around the edges as well.

Picture Quality:

In addition, its picture quality may also be enhanced by a 95% DCI-P3 color gamut with a 1000:1 contrast rate. So you will feel the image and enjoy it as well.

Furthermore for gamers its variable refresh rate VRR enables on your device and you didn’t see any kind of tearing of objects or choppy images here with G-SYnc GTX 10 technology.

Also here you have ELMB sync and Adaptive-Sync feature, when you enable them you have a better and tearing-free experience while at fast-paced gaming.

Gaming features:

In addition, ASUS dynamic shadow boost feature made darker sides of the zone more brights for you so fighting with campers that are hidden in dark is made easy by ASUS.s

Also, we have a flicker-free and low blue light feature as well for the protection of eyes from any kind of issue. This made your use easy and comfortable for the eyes.

Sleek Stand:

If we talk about its physical design then here we have a simple and sleek design stand that’s height and any angle can be adjusted with a single finger. Also, it’s a VESA wall-mountable 100 x 100mm monitor as well. These all features made it the best valorant monitor for a smooth experience.

I hope after reading all the detailed features of this monitor it’s easy for you to choose this product for a smoother gaming experience. Click here to check the price on AMAZON.  


This monitor has a 4.7 stars rating out of 5. That means, many customers like this product after buying it. Only a few of them found this gadget not much better. Now we discuss some customer review and their ratting on this monitor as well.

Positive Responses:

One customer gives this monitor 5 stars and said that color accuracy and screen brightness is fantastic. IBM is surprisingly good here, also its OSD joystick and stand as well works work. Also, he found its speaker’s quality much better than others. Moreover, he said that this monitor has a 240 Hz refresh rate but he didn’t have any tool to measure but in gaming, he cants notice any input lag.

Another customer gives the same rating of 5 out of 5 and said that its IPS panel works well and color production is amazing for gamers, has no backlight bleed, and in 1080p resolution, there are no compatibility issues when swapping platforms. Moreover, he said that G-Sync eliminates all screen tearing below average FPS settings, and also HDR performs its duty well.

Negative Response:

I just found a customer who did not happy with this gadget and give 1 star out of 5 to this gadget. He found an issue while playing games that when he starts playing any game his screen is stuck off and all the display becomes black then he restart it, and then his problem was solved. Also, 26 peoples find this comment helpful full which means they agreed with them.  

Key specs and features:

SCREEN SIZE 27 inches
RESOLUTION 1920 x 1080 pixels


ITEM WEIGHT 12.34 lbs
SPECIFIC USE Shooting games and photo editing as well.
  • 280Hz with 1 ms response is amazing.
  • Plenty of gameplay features with G-sync.
  • HDR400.
  • Budget-friendly as well.
  • Its only resolution is 1080p.


What is the native refresh rate of this monitor?

It has a 240 Hz refresh rate that performs its task well during playing FPS shooting games. The refresh rate depends upon the port that is displayed and the HDMI that we have in its package.

Does it screen keep on going black or restarting when playing games?

Yes, this issue is seen by some users but that is not the real one. It depends upon your ram and setting that cause these issues while gaming. Although this monitor works well.

Is that product overkills for ps5?

It cannot go above 120 Hz in ps5. So forget the extra FPS and looks upon 1440p, 144 Hz instead.

Do this monitor’s features match its price?

This monitor has 320$ price on AMAZON. Yes, it perfectly matches with a lot of gameplay and picture quality features.

Is this monitor good for gaming?

Yes, its refresh rate, response time, and plenty of others gaming features made it the best VALORANT monitor.


As we know that nothing in this world is perfect, so if you find this monitor the best  VALORANT pro monitor after reading all the reviews then it’s good for us. Also if you didn’t like this gadget then move on to over next pick. 

List of Best gaming monitors for Valorant

1)Benq Zowie XL2546: Best monitor for Valorant

2) ASUS TUF VG279QM: Best gaming monitor for valorant

3)AOC C24G1: Valorant monitor

4)Alienware AW2521H : Valorant monitor 

5)MSI MAG251RX: Best monitors for valorant

6)BENQ Zowie XL2540: Best gaming monitor for valorant

7)ASUS ROG PG258Q: Best gaming monitor for valorant

8)ACER KG251Q: Best monitor for valorant

9)SAMSUNG odyssey G5: Best gaming monitor for Valorant

10)Sceptre E255B-fwd168: Best gaming monitor for Valorant

11)Viewsonic XG2401: Best monitor for Valorant



3)AOC C24G1: Best monitors for Valorant

Best monitors for valorant
best monitor for Valorant

After much research, our third choice that runs VALORANT on your system pretty well is AOC C241. it is 24 inches display size gadget with a 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution screen at FHD display quality. It’s pretty good for gaming and other use as well.

No tearing and lagging:

Here you will enjoy the best quality gameplay in paced areas with premium FreeSync technology. Freesync synchronizes the GPU and monitors refresh rate to provide tearing and ghosting free images onto your screen. In addition, LFC features eliminate the risk of stutter in case the frame rates drop much below the refresh rate.

Moreover, here you see a much better frame rate than other devices. With a 144 Hz refresh rate, you need not worry about tearing or choppy objects while playing heavy competitive games. Also with a rapid 1 ms response time, gaming is much smoother and tearing free here on your AOC monitors.

Physical Design:

The narrow border and frameless design offer minimal bezel distraction for compiling a multimonitor gaming setup. Also, its 1500R curved design is wrapped around you for extra focus on playing VALORANT and becomes victorious.

Its physical design includes height adjustment, tilt and swivel at certain angles. In addition, this monitor is VESA wall mounting 100 x 100mm as well.

Connectivity options:

For connectivity, here you have 1 x VGA port, 1 x display port, 2 x HDMI port, and 3 x1.5mm output as well. There are no built-in speakers, but that’s not a big deal because if you are a gamer then you required good headphones or a headset.

Panel type:

Here you have a VA panel that provides a much high contrast ratio of pixels and also wider viewing angles up to 178deg vertical and horizontal as well. So picture quality will be the same by seeing your gadget from any part of the room.

Furthermore, for the high time gaming sessions here AOC has a low blue light and flicker-free features for extra protection of your eyes. Click here to check the price on AMAZON.  

Customer response after Purchasing:

This monitor got 4.7 out of 5 ratings on Amazon, that’s quite good if we look at its features and its working many people are satisfied after purchasing this gadget. Now we discuss some customer’s rating and their responses to this gadget. Most of its buyer consider it best Valorant monitor.

Positive response:

One customer gives this gadget 5 stars rating and said that its response time of 1 ms that pretty good while using ps5. Initially, he finds an issue in getting 120Hz output but then he explores the setting and gets a 120 Hz refresh rate for fast-paced games on ps5.

Just another customer satisfied and gives 5 stars and thanks to its VA panel curved screen which provides a sharp view. He also said that there is a FreeSync technology and also a G-Sync, so the people who wonder about that just go on to the setting and switch it to G-Sync compatible, if you want to play games with FreeSync.

Negative Response:

Another customer we see in the review does not agree with this gadget and gives only a 1-star rating and said that this monitor is not good for the beginner who wants to play games and heavy user. There are many issues in picture quality like some letters are dark, some are light also blurred as well. He cant find the right text.

Key specs and features: Valorant 144Hz

SCREEN SIZE 24 inches
RESOLUTION 1920 x 1080 pixels
ITEM WEIGHT 9.83 lbs
  • Good for smooth gaming.
  • FreeSync compatibility.
  • No speakers.
  • No HDR.


Is AOC C24G1 worth it?

Yes, it’s one of the good monitors for gaming and also a public choice monitor. If you are playing an FPS shooting game then 144 Hz is quite good.

Is AOC better than MSI?

AOC is a little bit better if we search it in detail. But everyone has their specialties AOC performs well in dark, but MSI performs excellently in bright areas.

Does the display port cable come with it?
Yes, it comes with a display port cable 1440p 144 Hz, but it is less than 6 feet.

Does this monitor have the amount included?

No, it just has its stand that can be adjusted easily. 

How about its price?

If you find a 1 ms response time and 144 Hz with G sync under 250$ then I advise you not to miss that gadget.


After reading detailed reviews and customers’ responses you find all the good and bad points of this monitor. Now it’s your choice to pick this for your use or not. We are just here to give you many options so that picking the right one becomes easy.


4)Alienware AW2521H : Best monitors for ValorantASUS TUF VG279QM:Best monitors for Valorant

Now we are talking about one of the perfect gaming monitors that most gamers use due to its fast and smooth performance and cheap price. It comes with a native refresh rate of 240b Hz which delivers much high FPS while playing Valorant in overcrowded zones. There is no blurry picture is seen due to such a high refresh rate and also when it delivers a response time of 1 ms gtg. It’s a perfect experience if you want fast and smooth gaming performance also with an IPS panel with a wide range of viewing angles up to 178deg H/V. Although IPS are not as fast as the TN gaming panel when combined with other fast gaming features it delivers its best performance and provides a sharp gaming experience.

Moreover here you get AMD FreeSync and G-Sync technologies that synchronize graphics and deliver lag-free and no ghosting pixels. This is a huge difference from this to another monitor because these two graphic cards on the same monitor at a much more reasonable price are amazing.

Also, there is 99%sRGB support so you have a wide range of colors in your arsenal. Furthermore, there is also a cooling system initially built which keeps your monitor always at the normal temperature.

A lot of connectivity options are available there if you look at the upper end of the stand, Power cable connector, USB upstream, USB 3.0 Gen 1 (x2), VESA mount, USB 3.0 Gen 1 with Power Charging, Headphone jack, USB 3.0 Gen 1, HDMI (x2)DisplayPort, Audio Line-Out.

Simple and cool design stand available with mounting feature 100x100mm as well. These all qualities made this the best monitor for Valorant and other competitive gaming.Click here to check the price on AMAZON.  


5)MSI MAG251RX: Best monitors for Valorant

best monitor for Valorant
best monitor for Valorant

Presenting you another smart product that is MSI MAG251RX for playing FPS shooting games like VALORANT in a much smoother experience.

If we start this with a panel that is IPS, that eliminates all kinds of image distortion and also provides much accuracy of colors at vibrant actions. Also, you will enjoy wider viewing angles, and looking at your device from up or down and right and left becomes the same experience and picture quality.

Its 24.5 inches decent screen size with 1080pixels FHD display is amazing if we see it in terms of watching an HD video or playing competitive games which require good resolution.


To enhance your gaming experience, here MSI provides three features with perfect numbers. First of all its 240 Hz refresh rate refreshes the screen so that benefits you when playing fast-paced competitive games. Also, 1 ms response time ensures you no input lag, so that the actions are performed at the same instant when given by you. At last G-Sync features eliminate all kinds of tearing, suffering, and ghosting of objects while playing sharp competitive games like VALORANT. So victory is in front of you just buy this and enjoy its super-fast gaming.

You can easily manage your gaming setting here with OSD on-screen display app effortlessly. And also change your settings during gaming with the help of hotkey options.

Graphic quality:

Here you have display HDR400 for vivid display quality. A much difference is seen with HDR if we compare it with non-HDR. color and object display is just amazing with HDR.

If you are facing your enemies on darker sides then its night vision display features clear all the areas for your better gaming performance.

Connectivity and Eye Caring: Valorant monitor

Furthermore, here you have a USB type C port with the help of which you can connect your gadget with another PC or laptop and also charge another device up to 15 W supply.

In addition, there are super narrow bezels so that you don’t have any issues while making a multimonitor setup for enhancing your gaming.

MSI provides antiflicker technology for the comfort of your eyes. This made your playing experience healthy even for many hours.

Its physical design consists of a simple and good design stand whose height can be adjusted and tilt as well. Also, it has VESA wall-mountable compatibility. So go to amazon and buy this best gaming monitor for valorant.



This device had 4.6 ratings on Amazon. That means just a few of its buyers find issues in that sleek monitor. Now we discuss who finds this monitor good and who didn’t.

Negative Response:

One customer just buys this gadget and then in return, he gives this monitor a 1-star rating. The reason was that he finds it color quality very bad. Although we have an IPS panel here that provides accurate colors he says that my previous TN panel is better than this. He was thinking to upgrade 1440p 144 Hz into 1080p 240 Hz but due to its bad performance, he didn’t. Also, he considers his previous dell monitor better than this one.

Another customer has faced the same issue of bad color uniformity and gives this gadget 2 stars. He recommends that if you buy this just for gaming then this monitor is excellent but if you want mixed-use then change your choice. 

Positive Response:

Another customer is fully satisfied with this gadget and gives it a 5-star rating. He says that this gadget is not fully G Sync supported but there I did not see any kind of ghosting. Everything is perfect its color quality is due to HDR, sRGB, and so on. Also, it’s the best 1080p 240 Hz monitor.

Key specs and features: Valorant 240Hz

SCREEN SIZE 24.5 inches
RESOLUTION 1920 x 1080 FHD pixels



  • Better at playing FPS gaming.
  • Freesync with MBR up to 240 Hz.
  • Accurate color quality.
  • Stand cant be swivel or pivot.
  • No speakers have seen.

FAQS: Valorant monitor

Is this adaptive Sync compatible? Also, does it has a VESA wall mount feature?

Yes, this monitor comes with the adaptive Sync technology for a super-fast gaming experience. Also, it has VESA compatibility for saving your space on the desk.

Can HDMI support 240 Hz?
It has only one HDMI 2.0 port so it runs 1080p at 120 Hz.

Which cables come with the box?

AC cable, DP, and HDMI pots come with the box.

How about its color quality?

It is a good IPS panel monitor with HDR 400. Also, the thin bezel made its colors well from all the sides as well.

Is it cheap to buy?

Yes, 400$ is not soo, much for this unique featured monitor.


As we see that many customers become happy of its features. If you agreed with them then buy this sleek gadget. If you do not then simply move on to the next one. We have plenty of other products that are waiting for you.

6)BENQ Zowie XL2540: Best monitors for Valorant

ASUS TUF VG279QM:Best monitors for Valorant
Best Gaming Monitor

Now we are going to present another model of BENQ that is XL 2540 which is similar to BENQ XL2546 that we discussed at the top of our list.

Now we discuss these models’ features so that it’s easy to pick for you to choose the best one.

The fast refresh rate for smooth Gaming:

Here also BENQ provides its customer a pretty sharp refresh rate of 240 Hz to catch each action with details. Also, don’t be upset about such blurry images while playing fast-paced games here. 

The Delay rate made sometimes things difficult to manage. But here with 1 ms response time, you can catch each action with no input lag and with more clarity as well.

In addition, with the adaptive Sync feature, you should enjoy each pixel with tearing free display. So actions are performed much more clearly so that gaming becomes much more adventurous for you.

In addition, BENQ provides a metallic shield around the corners of the screen for extra focus while playing shooting games just like VALORANT.

Thanks to its super-fast TN panel which made picture quality during gaming much well with pretty good viewing angles as well.

Now campers never let you down in darker areas due to its black equalizer mode. Also provides many clear images on darker sides.

Moreover, you can optimize your gaming precision with 20 levels of color vibrance settings. Because of this reason, it’s a valorant pro monitor.

Concentration is the key to playing shooting games. here its LCD screen is specially designed to eliminate light reflection from the screen to play games easily.

Protective your precious eyes:

Here you have a low blue light feature that eliminates all the dangerous blue light coming from the screen for the protection of your eyes. And also a flicker-free feature for protecting your eyes from any kind of eye strains and fatigue as well.

Physical Design:

Furthermore, here we have an ergonomic stand that height, tilt, swivel and pivot around certain angles for better viewing. This can be done with just a single finger easily.

Concentration is the key to playing shooting games. here its LCD screen is specially designed to eliminate light reflection from the screen to play games easily.

 That’s all for this monitor. Its features made it the best monitor for VALORANT.


4.8 ratings out of 10. This means this is a perfect monitor because its features when used by customers they didn’t find any problem.

Positive Response:

One customer gives 5 stars and said that I love its side flap.

Another one also gives 5 stars and said that I am a gamer and this monitor deserved full stars due to its gaming features and also color accuracy due to HDR.

Negative Response:

Here we see one of its buyers disagrees with the placement of the power button and give 2 stars. he said that there is some issue when you turn on/off in a game it loses signals temporarily. He is also confused that why other people can’t find this problem and gives a good review.

Key specs and features:

SCREEN SIZE 24.5 inches
RESOLUTION 1920 x 1080 pixels

240 Hz

ITEM WEIGHT 16.5 lbs
  • Sharp for gaming at better FPS.
  • The price is cheap.
  • unfortunately, there are no speakers.
  • G-Sync and FreeSync, both are missing.
  • No HDR support.


As we know that everything has two sides bad and good. So if you find its good side more attractive than the bad one, so k this for your ultra-smooth gaming. It is an overall good gadget for gaming.

7)ASUS ROG PG258Q: Best monitors for Valorant

Best monitors for valorant

Here we add another ASUS monitor for a good gaming experience for you in FPS shooting games.

ASUS ROG PG258Q is 24.5 inches FHD display at 1080p, which provides smooth and sharp picture quality for gaming and other regular work.

Gamming TN panel:

For a more convenient gaming experience here ASUS has a gaming TN panel with a super-fast 1ms response time. So the commandment occurs at the same instant when you click. Also, the is no delay rate, input lag, or any kind of other internal lag is seen here with its rapid response time.

Also for gamers here you see a 240 Hz refresh rate that performs double as compared to 144 Hz. so the picture on the screen displays each instant with full colors and accuracy. This may enhance the gaming experience, especially since playing VALORANT is super smooth here.

In addition, with G-Sync compatibility don’t be worry about any tearing of objects or motion blur here in your sleek design monitor.

LOW Blue light feature:

ASUS always takes care of its customer’s safety. Here low blue light and flicker fewer features didn’t allow any dangerous blue light hitting to your eyes and cause damage. This made it the best gaming monitor for valorant.

VESA wall-mountable:

Also thanks to its VESA wall-mountable feature for saving your desk space. Moreover, it has a thin sleek stand that can be tilted, swivel pivoted, and height-adjustable as wee. So enjoy this monitor’s performance by making a good viewing angle. Its stand has a built-in lighting effect as well.

Furthermore here you have a crosshair, timer, FPS counter, and display counter as well for better practicing competitive games like VALORANT.

Final words:

Last but not least, ASUS provides in that model NVIDIA 3D light boost technology to enjoy brighter 3D visuals also without any extra power consumption. So enjoy 3D effects here while playing games or watching 4K 3D movies as well.


This monitor has 4.5 ratings as well. this means that many people give positive responses about this gadget and declare this a sleek product in terms of performance.

Positive Response:

One customer gives this monitor 4 stars and said that the TN panel is not good at viewing angles but for gaming to control input lag it performs much well.

Another customer liked its fps much well and gave a 5-star rating and said that I am a gamer and playing games on 4K in which 240 fps looks bad but here it performs stunning. It’s a great option for you to choose this because it’s best to monitor for Valorant.

Negative Response:

One customer has an issue with this monitor so he gave just 1 star and said that after purchasing this gadget I find a vertical line just in the mid of the screen that ruins all of its looks and I can’t find a solution to this problem.

Key specs and features:

SCREEN SIZE 24.5 inches
RESOLUTION 1920 x 1080 pixels
SPECIFIC USE Export Competitive GAMING.


  • 3D lightboost feature for next level image.
  • Plenty of gaming feature made this monitor sleek.
  • No speakers



Is there a 480 Hz monitor? and what is the refresh rate of this monitor?

This monitor has a sharp 240 Hz refresh rate that supports ultra-fast gaming, especially FPS gaming like VALORANT. If we talk about 460 Hz then yes it exists. there are fast-paced 4K games in 1080p at 460 Hz.

Is ASUS PG25HQ good?

Yes if you want a monitor at a good price and features that support multitasking hen this is the best choice for you and also Best monitors for valorant.

is this G-Sync or FreeSnc compatible?

It comes with the GSync feature for the non-tearing and ghosting screen display.

Are quality issues present in that model’s monitor and can I take this issue seriously?

Yes, many monitors have bad reviews about screen tearing and flickering and also backlight bleeds.

Did the price of this monitor match its features?

Price matters but the features that provide ASUS are much higher than its price. so it’s all up to you.


We try our best to collect all the details about this monitor and present it easily so that picking your choice becomes easy. so it’s all upon you to look on to this or move towards others. but this is the best monitor for valorant.


8)ACER KG251Q: Best monitors for Valorant


ACER has its value in all fields of usage, especially fps shooting games like VALORANT and plenty more. So it is mentaidory for us to discuss its model here in choosing the best monitor for VALORANT.

Some important points:

  • It is a TN panel monitor at 1080p resolution full HD screen quality.
  • But due to the TN panel, there is a little bit less viewing angle like 170/160 deg H/V as compared to the IPS panel type screen. But that margin can not clear its demand in gaming. With the super-fast TN panel, your gaming is super smooth with high FPS.
  • Also, the 144 Hz refresh rate when combined with a rapid 1 ms response time made gaming faster and tearing free as well.
  • AMD freeSync technology also helps out while paying VALORANT without ghosting and suffering of images.
  • There are 2 x 3W powerful speakers as well with great sound quality.
  • For gaming here, you see OSD and black boost features for extra accuracy during shooting games.
  • A lot of connectivity options are seen here including HDMI, and DisplayPort as well.
  • Here you see eye care features as well for the comfort of your eyes.

These all bullet points show that this is a pretty good and best monitor for valorant.


ACER always makes good products at a very cheap price. Here also it demands less than 250$ for this sleek gadget. That’s why it satisfies its customers and got 4.6 ratings on AMAZON.

Positive Response:

One of its buyers gave this gadget 4 stars and said that all the connectivity options work well and OSD control is amazing. But he considers its speakers not good.

Negative Response:

Another customer was not happy with this gadget and gave it a 1-star rating. He said that its performance is good in the first 6 months. But after that, it stuck off. It automatically powers off when I turn it on. So I have to spend a lot of money on repairing this ACER gadget.  

Key specs and features: Valorant champion monitor

SCREEN SIZE 24.5 inches
RESOLUTION 1920 x 1080 FHD pixels
ITEM WEIGHT 12.72lbs
SPECIFIC USE Export Competitive GAMING.

  • 144 Hz with FreeSunc technology.
  • Good color quality.
  • Easy for the pockets.
  • Stand can be tilt only.
  • Here you see no HDR support.
  • Less viewing angles.


What is the refresh rate, there is some confusion?

Yes, that is true because you will get 75 Hz with an HDMI port and 144 Hz with the help of a display port.

Can we use VESA mount instead of a stand?

Yes, sure also you can save your desk space due to its VESA mount 100 x 100.

Would ps4 run on this monitor?

Yeah but not more than 30/60 FPS.

Would it support the gtx graphic card?

Yes, but in that case, you cant use FreeSync.

Is this monitor good for gaming?

ACER is a well-known brand, especially in fps gaming. Here also it provides many features that enhance your gaming experience. And a good option as best monitors for valorant.


Acer provides a lot of features in that model and I hope after reading this review your mindset is made either to pick this or not. If you don’t like then simply moved on to our next choice.


9)SAMSUNG odyssey G5: Best monitors for valorant

Best monitors for valorant
best monitor for Valorant

If we talk about a good monitor for shooting hames like valorant and doesn’t include the SAMSUNG Odessey G series, then that’s not fair. Because SAMSUNG is a unique brand that provides it using a decent product for gaming and other purposes as well.

G5 odyssey is a high-performance next-level QHD monitor at 1440p resolution that supports a next-level gaming experience.

Enjoy your gaming at 1000R panel, which also matches with the curvature of the human eye to produce fewer eye strains during playing VALORANT.

Fast-paced gaming:

With 144 Hz refresh rate made things smooth in front of you fast rate. This will help you in the gaming department much high.

Don’t be worry about any kind of screen tearing or ghosting of images with its superfast 1 ms response time with AMD radion freeSync technology. So here every pixel delivers with much clarity.

Picture Quality:

HDR10 made the picture quality more realistic and brighter for you. And there are many differences between HDR and non-HDR images.

Here SAMSUNG G5 has a VA panel that has a much high contrast ratio with wider viewing angles as well.

Stand and Panel:

Its physical design has a stand that can be a tilt from -2deg to +18 degrees. Also, there is a VESA wall mount capability of 75 x 75 mm as well.

Eye care features are also present that have done their job much well while long-term gaming.


SAMSUNG odyssey g series has its value in electronics products. Here we take on the cheap and good featured monitor that has 4.6 ratings on AMAZON. That is pretty good, like most of the people are satisfied but some are not.

One customer gives this monitor just 2 stars but he looks agrees with its feature. Except for just one thing. He faced soo much ghosting while running heavy applications and said that if you provided a much higher refresh rate, response time, and other features but can’t control ghosting, then that’s not fair.

Another customer finds dead pixels and gives this gadget only a single star.

Just another one finds this monitor good and gives it 4 stars. He said that there is no ghosting or blurred pictures. Everything is ok. And it’s a great budget and the Best monitors for Valorant.

Key specs and features: Valorant pro monitor


SCREEN SIZE 27 inches
RESOLUTION 2160 x 1440 QHD pixels
ITEM WEIGHT 31.10 lbs
SPECIFIC USE Gamers and photo editing.

  • Reasonable prize.
  • 144 Hz provides high FPS.
  • HDR10.
  • Stand can be tilt only.


Is SAMSUNG odyssey ultrawide?

It’s a great monitor overall. Its ultra-wide variant with a 21:9 aspect ratio and 3440 and 1440p resolution is excellent for gaming.

Describe its ports?

There you have DisplayPort, USB port, HDMI port, and headphone jack for service.

Is this considered Best monitors for valorant?

Yes many pro gamers considered it Best monitors for valorant but its your choice to consider it or not.

Is G-Sync worth using?

G-Sync monitors are a little bit more expensive than adaptive sync and also provide sharp performance as well.

Is G5 have speakers and Bluetooth?

Don’t mind because it does have not a speaker or Bluetooth just we have ports for connectivity. So our team tested this monitor and finds it best monitor for valorant.

Is the light on the black changeable or does it have blue?

It can be changeable, but you see it when the monitor is not against the wall. The front light is power full but RGB is somehow weak.


As we see that the demand for SAMSUNG products increasing day by day. So that we pick this model for your gaming and easy for the pocket monitor. So go to Amazon and don’t miss this gadget, because a lot of buyers declare it the best monitor for valorant. 

10)Sceptre E255B-fwd168: Best monitors for Valorant

best monitors for Valorant

Our second last choice of the best monitor for playing VALORANT is one of the sleek models of Sceptre, which comes in the market and becomes much more popular because of its gaming features.

Detailed Review: Best monitors for valorant

Here you have an extra edge while gaming and working with its 25 inches huge screen at a 165 Hz refresh rate.

Also with 1 ms response time, you see your target while laying game moves in front of your eyes and a lot of time to wash them out here is a fast experience. So no screen tearing and ghosting are seen here while playing heavy competitive games like VALORANT also due to AMD FreeSnc technology. So the monitor refresh rate and graphic card synchronize to give you a fast gaming experience in fast-paced mode.

Edgeless design around the corners shows you all the actions with exact color accuracy at 1920 x 1080p resolution. Also, 165 Hz gives you more benefits here.

Up to 300 nits brightness level and 93% DCI-P3 color gamut provide exact and wider color accuracy here with a much smoother experience.

Moreover, a lot of connectivity options we see there, DisplayPort and HDMI pot deliver up to 164 Hz refresh rate while HDMI 2 and 3 port made your refresh rate at 144 Hz.

Your monitor always shines from the front as well as back. Here you have an LED light at the backside that lightens the whole room and made your monitor sleeker. So it’s a great Valorant pro monitor if you try.

Sleek Stand and Speakers:

Furthermore, its ergonomic design allows you to move your monitor up and down, right and left, tilt as well with only a single finger for better viewing angles according to your comfort. Also, the VESA wall mount feature saves your space desk and is easy to adjust on the wall to enjoy.

In addition, this device has built-in speakers as well. Antiflicker technology and low blue light features are also present for the safety of your eyes. so it’s the best monitor for Valorant in 2021.


This gadget has 4.6 ratings out of 5 and it’s pretty good if you want to buy this gadget because many customers like this product. Also, it’s a very reasonable price of 198$ according to its plenty of gaming features made its value much high in the market.

But here i mentioned a review about one guy that doesn’t like this gadget and gave 2 stars. He said that although its screen size and shape are good the viewing angles are not. Also, there is a gap at the bottom right of the screen, and light bleeds.

Just another customer becomes happy with this gadget and said its color quality is amazing and there is no need to adjust them. He considered it the Best monitors for Valorant.

Key specs and features:

SCREEN SIZE 25 inches
RESOLUTION 1920 x 1080p HD pixels
ITEM WEIGHT  9.17 lbs
SPECIFIC USE Gamers and Video editing.

  • Picture quality is amazing.
  • Well, built-in speakers.
  • Highly responsive rate.
  • Less HDMI ports.

FAQS: Best monitors for valorant

Why should I buy this monitor?

The main thing is its reasonable price. It’s quite difficult for you to buy such a featured monitor at this price.

What type of panel does it have? Will it be wall mountable?

IPS panel monitor with VESA wall compatibility of 75 x 75mm.

Can this monitor run with 144Hz with HDMI?

Yes, it can go on to 165 Hz with an HDMI port.

Does this monitor support G-Sync?

Yes but this monitor is not NVIDIA approved. You have to go to the control panel setting and enable it.

165 or 144 Hz?

This monitor can deliver either 165 Hz and also 144 Hz with HDMI3 or DP port.

Which brand is the best valorant monitor?

ASUS, Benq, and AOC’s monitors are considered as best Valorant monitors.


Here we give a review in a simple and detailed way so that you should know each pro and cons of that monitor and this makes it easy for you to pick the best monitor for valorant.


11)Viewsonic XG2401: Best monitors for Valorant

best monitor for Valorant

Last but not least, Viewsonic XG2401 lies last just on our list but it is one of the good designs and featured monitors that support heavy competitive gaming.

24 inches screen you have with FHD 1080 pixels for a clear view in gaming.

Wonderful gaming TN panel with rapid 1 ms response time and super-fast 144 Hz refresh rate give you an extra edge while playing competitive FPS games just like VALORANT.

With the TN panel, you will enjoy next-level gaming at 170/160 deg H/V view.

Here you have 2 x 2W built-in speakers as well. With a stand, you can adjust any angle while using this gadget easily.

A lot of options for making a multimonitor system to enhance your gaming. And also made it the best monitor for valorant 2021.

Customer’s response after purchasing:

This good-looking monitor had got 4.6 ratings on AMAZON. So that if you are looking to buy this gadget its features and rating reflect its value pretty well. 

Key specs and features:

SCREEN SIZE 24 inches
BRAND ViewSonic
RESOLUTION 1920 x 1080p FHD pixels

144 Hz

ITEM WEIGHT 14.46 lbs
SPECIFIC USE Good for competitive Gamers.


  • Rapid response time with 144 Hz refresh rate at AMD FreeSync made gaming classic.
  • The stand can be highly adjustable.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Weak speakers.


I hope all the confusion about this monitor was removed and now it’s easy for you to pick is the monitor. That’s what we want.


Is Viewsonic G-SYNC compatible? Is it good for gaming?

Yes, it is 24 inches display Geforce G-Sync featured monitor that is good for gamers. Because it regulates screen quality and delivers fast-paced pixels.

Is Viewsonic XG2401 is good?

This monitor is ideal, especially for those who need fast-paced gaming. It has a 144 Hz sharp refresh rate with a 1 ms response time that boosts especially FPS games like VALORANT.

Will I get 144 when connecting to ps4?

No ps4 only delivers 60 FPS in many games even ps4 pro goes to a maximum 60 range. 

What is the FreeSync range of 24 inches model?

It ranges between 30-144 Hz using CRU. but the default range is 48-144 Hz.

Would this work with the NVIDIA card?

Yes easily but here you don’t have freeSync, it’s a G-Sync monitor?


Flat or curved monitors: best monitor for valorant

This is a very reasonable question when you look towards a gaming monitor especially for playing VALORANT then you have to keep in mind your choice for a flat or curved screen. Here also our main goal is to make things easier for you so that you can easily choose the right one for your work.

Many factors are involved in choosing the right choice for gaming like gaming habits, budget, and plenty of similar factors, and now we will discuss them in detail.

Curved monitor for gaming:

Do Valorant pros use a curved monitor?

Yes, they sometimes prefer curved screens. If you look at curved monitors firstly you will see such a huge-sized screen which helps a lot in gaming because you have more display area. So finding enemies in Valorant and other FPS shooting games become an easier task for you. Also, you can do multiple tasks on your screen and open more than one tab at the same time. Due to their huge display area, it will enhance your experience.

Another excellent feature of the curved-screen display is its high resolution which also adds high color accuracy and picture quality as well for your gaming. And this is the key point that you need while playing such competitive games like Valorant.

In addition, a curved screen reduces eye strains as well and also has added immersions for fast-paced gaming as well.

If you want to use it then also look for a TN panel that supports gaming and due to its curved screen viewing angles are already in favor of yours. So TN panel monitors are considered Best monitors for valorant.

Flat-screen for gamers: Best monitors for valorant

The main pros of a flat-screen monitor are that it’s lightweight as compared to huge-sized curved screen monitors and also benefits while multimonitor setup as well. Because flat-screen monitors range from 23-27 inches screen (also you find higher display as well) and in that range you will get a decent quality as compared to curved monitors that start from 27 to onward.  

Moreover, it natively supports aspect ratios for a variety of games. So flat ones also enhance your experience by providing a sharp look. So i will recommend you to use it with an IPS panel so that you get higher viewing angles as compared to TN or VA panel. Flat-screen is a good choice for the best monitors for Valorant

Lastly, if we discuss which one is budget-friendly we say that flat monitors are more cheap and good monitors for gamers as compared to heavily budget curved monitors.

Buying Guide for the best monitor for Valorant:

As we see that shooting games are appealing more to today’s audience. So it’s very important to choose the right product so that it’s last for years.

Now here in the below paragraph, I will glow a light on the list of features that you have to look at while going to market for choosing the right monitor. 

Refresh rate at least 144 Hz: Best monitors for valorant

If you want a smooth gaming experience, especially in FPS shooting games then a low refresh rate will make many hurdens. So Valorant needs to be at least 144 FPS for smooth display. It is not only for valorant it will give you benefits also in other plenty of games as well.

Higher refresh rates will increase your accuracy, aiming, and clarity as well especially while you playing competitive games like Valorant.

144 Hz is quite good but if you look at 240 Hz then it’s great for gaming and multitasking as well. Now if we talk about 60 Hz then i say that it’s quite slow for heavy-paced games but it will fulfill your daily task easily.

Screen size: For Valorant champion monitor

When choosing screen size for FPS shooting games Curved screen will give you more enhancement because it will stick to your viewing angles. Every action will be in front of your eyes so it’s easy to tackle many difficult situations in gaming.

If we talk about flat monitors then look on to 23 or 24 inches display that provides smooth and realistic picture quality. But monitors 29 inches and above sized are more fabulous if you afford them because they are quite heavy for the pocket.

If you have an upgrade pc system with a fast CPU and GPU then the 24-inch size will also fulfill the demand with a fast gtx or RTX graphic card. These all features made a gadget best gaming monitor for valorant.


Shooting games demand 1080p resolution to load and give maximum output in response. So if we look for more than 1080 like 4K resolution then it will be best for gaming but here again, the budget factor comes in. So it’s all up to your choice whether you want a heavy paced or normal environment.

FreeSync or GSync:

Graphic card matters soo much in gaming because sometimes every single lag made you away from victory. SO tearing, ghosting and choppy images may be reduced if you choose a good quality graphic card like gtx 1060 or 1080 and also RTX 2070 or 3070.

Also, freeSync and GSync technology help a lot while playing heavy games.   

Eyecare Technologies:

As we all know that if we are playing competitive games then it will take a lot of time at the same slot so using pc for a lot of time will damage your eyes and cause eye strains and fatigue as well. So it’s important to choose such flicker-free and low blue light feature monitors.

So we look on to this point while making over the list of the top 10 best monitors for Valorant. These are all features you will find on our plenty of hours search list that we provide above. 

FAQS: best monitor for valorant

Do valorant pro players use curved monitors or flat-screen monitors?

A huge display screen with curved edges benefits more while playing such FPS shooting games. Also, a 21 or 24 inches flat screen is not bad for VALORANT.

Can I play VALORANT in X BOX?

No, but its X BOX version is expected to release in 2022.

From where do I download Valorant?

Go into Riot’s official website and scroll down you will find a download button over there easily.

Is a 32-inch screen is Best monitors for valorant?

24 inches screen size at 1080p is ideal for any kind of gamer. Less than this made difficulties while playing and more than this is good for tackling different situations during competitive games.

Conclusion: Valorant monitors

So after reading this detailed review I hope you will get your answer about choosing the best monitor for valorant. Also if you have further quires about any issue then contact us.

if you like our detailed review then don’t forget to leave a review this will boost our confidence.

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