best monitor for rtx 3080

Best monitor for RTX 3080: Detailed guide

I know that you are also a fan of this new graphic card RTX 3080 and now looking for the best monitor RTX 3080, I think I’ll help you. If you want a cool gadget with Rtx 3080, which run different application soo smoothly then kindly spend some time here and choose the best gaming monitor for RTX 3080.

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List of TOP 5 Best monitors for RTX 3080:

1)SAMSUNG Odyssey G7: best gaming monitor for RTX 3080

2)LG 38WN95C-W: best monitor for Nvidia RTX 3080

3) Acer Nitro XV282K: Best monitor for RTX 3080 ti

4)Gigabyte Aorus FI32U: best monitor for Nvidia 3080

5)ASUS ROG Swift PG279QM: Best monitor for RTX 3080

6)Acer XFA240: best monitor for 3080

7)Viewsonic XG270Qc: Best monitor for 3080

Let’s start with detail of our first product.

1)LG 38WN95C-W: Best monitor for RTX 3080best monitor for rtx 3080

Now we are going to discuss LG ultrawide 38 inches gaming monitor which is the perfect deal with RTX 3080 monitor. It provides lightning-fast fast gaming and usage experience.

It’s a curved display monitor which makes it easy to focus on your tasks. Also, enjoy the 21:9 aspect ratio with a panoramic desktop experience that surrounds you.

Its 38 inches QHD picture quality allows you to split-screen and enjoy multitasking at the same time with no input lag. Also, photoediting, video editing, and much more task become so much joyous here with LG’s best gaming monitor with RTX 3080.

With a Nano IPS panel, you can’t imagine what the picture quality is at QHD with 1 ms responsive time. It will surely enhance the intensity and purity of on-screen colors.

If we discuss its color-enhancing features then there is a lot to say. Because that gadget supports 98% of DCI-P3 color gamut and 135% of sRGB which does its job well to provide you more realistic colors at 90 fps as well.

Also, it supports 600 HDR, which visualizes next-level display surrounding elements, realistic characters, and movements.


Detailed review:

Here you see rich connectivity options including Thunderbolt 3 for transferring data and power delivery up to 94W with display port, 2xHDMI ports, USB, and headphone jack as well. So it’s a great deal best of the monitor for RTX 3080 Ti.

Furthermore, it’s an officially validated G-Sync monitor which reduces tearing, stuttering, and ghosting of pixels much well.

There are also more reasons to say that this is the best gaming monitor for Rtx 3080 because here you get a 144 Hz lightning-fast refresh rate with 1 ms response time and also FreeSync premium feature present. So there will be the best gaming experience going to be with LG 38WN95C-W.

Powerful stereo speakers for sound are present here in this deal. As its price is much high in the market but features are also ore high as compared to other monitors. It has a simple design stand that looks great that can be raised, lowered, tilted, and swiveled as well in just a few seconds.

Don’t worry about your precious eyes while using this great monitor with RTX for plenty of hours. Because here you get eye care technology and low blue light feature which works well to protect your eyes every instant. This is one of the best 4K monitors for RTX 3080. Click Here to check its price on AMAZON.

  • Fast gaming performance.
  • HDR 600 at QHD.
  • Built-in speakers as well.
  • More plastic in the chases.
  • More expensive.

Key Specs and Features:

SIZE: 38 iches




WEIGHT: 14.2 lbs

DIMENSIONS:35.3″ x 15.5″ x 3.8″


CONNECTIVITY: 2x HDMI, 1x USB Type-C, Headphone jack, Thunderbolt 3, 1x display port, USB 2x downstream.


SPECIAL FEATURES: Black stabilizer, Adaptive sync, Flicker safe, Reader mode, Onn screen Control mode, Crosshair, and Dual controller as well. So it’s the best monitor for 3080 ti.

Customer’s Response after purchasing:

This monitor got a 4.1-star rating on Amazon out of 5 which means that 85% of people like this f=gadet but almost 15% dislike this because of some reasons. Let’s discuss that.

Liked things:

  1. Thunderbolt 3 is loved by one customer because he said that it charges his MB air much fastly.
  2. Its previous model runs at 60 Hz at a very fast speed but here 144 Hz is more amazing to experience.
  3.  One customer gave 4 stars and said that it’s a Great gaming monitor with thunderbolt 3

Disliked things:

  1. FreeSync and Gsync do not work without thunderbolt 3 ports.
  2. Thunderbolt 3 does work so well there is a problem occurring in 1 customer monitor so he gives 2 stars rating.
  3. there is some issue seen by one of its buyers “panel corner peel” but he also said that this problem is also present in ASUS and ALIENWARE products.

Final words:

At last, we say that this is considered to be a good gaming monitor for RTX 3080 ti if you consider it. Because nothing is perfect, it has some cons but it operates much fastly. So it’s the best monitor for 3080(powerful graphic card).

2) Acer Nitro XV282K: Best monitor for RTX 3080 tibest monitor for rtx 3080

Whenever we talk about a gaming monitor for RTX 3080 a powerful graphic card we must include Acer’s product. The reason behind choosing this is its reliability, good specs, and reasonable price. That’s why our team took detailed research and choose the best Acer monitor which is XV282K for gaming.

Its 28 inches huge screen a UHD display provides much clear and cool graphics technology with smooth graphics. Its image quality is perfect that what you want with RTX 3080 also with 90% DCI-P3 support. It’s a great deal to go with Acer nitro XV282K.

Let’s talk about its refresh rate which is quite decent at 4K, 144 Hz which delivers more FPS per second to enhance its gaming performance. Also when it combines with the response rate of 1 ms then there will be a great gaming experience seen and also I recommend you to go with this because of its consistency of delivering the same fast graphic even in fast-paced games as well.


Detailed review:

No tearing, or stuttering is seen here by the users due to its FreeSync premium compatibility and also HDR 400 support. More realistic and amazing picture compared to those non-HDR monitors.

Moreover, there are also built-in speakers in this price range. Powerful 2x2W stereo speakers through which you can enjoy watching movies with your friends and family.

Furthermore, there is an IPS panel through which you enjoy the same picture results from every corner of the room at 178/178 deg H/V.  its stand can be tilt and height-adjustable with VESA wall mounting support as well. That’s why its the best monitor for 3080 ti.

Easy to connect with other devices with its 3x HDMI ports connect it with X box and PS4 much more smoothly and also get 120 Hz refresh rate with one 1 HDMI port.

Furthermore, a game is always stuck towards its gadget for hours which may damage its health, especially its eyes, so here you can eye care technology, low blue light, and a comfy view. Which did not damage your eyes and good health.

So it’s overall a good monitor according to its features at 144 Hz which is good for gaming and multitasking as well. Click Here to check its price on AMAZON.

  • Great gaming monitor for rx 3080 ti.
  • accurate and vibrant colors with sharp images.
  • No Gsync support.
  • little bit pricy.

Key Specs and Features:

SIZE: 28 iches




WEIGHT: 17.1 pounds (7.8kg)

DIMENSIONS:25.1 x 18.4-23.4 x 10.6 inches


CONNECTIVITY: 1x DisplayPort 1.4, 2x HDMI 2.1, 1x USB-C, 3.5mm headphone output, USB 3.0, 1x up, 4x down.

SPEAKERS:2x 2w stereo

SPECIAL FEATURES: G-sync, Flicker safe and eye care, Vesa wall mountable.

Customers’ Response after purchasing: Best monitor for 3080 ti

If we look toward Amazon to see Acer nitro ratings, it for 4.4 stars out of 5 which means 85% almost of its buyers love this gadget and its working performance but a few of them around 15% have some issues regarding its specs. Let’s discuss both.

Liked things:

  1. One of its customers gave full 5 stars and was so happy with its features, he said that great color precision and 120 Hz are great for gaming and photo editing as well. And also you can overclock to 144 Hz with 2 Displayport.
  2. Another customer said that he did not expect 144 Hz with such accurate colors. He also said that he had an old ASUS PG27AQ monitor but this one is much better than that.

Disliked things:

  1. There is an issue of color bleed by one of its buyers who gave just 1 star and said that at this price range you got an unacceptable issue.
  2. another customer also had the same issue with the backlight bleeding problem and also he found HDR useless, so he give just a single star.
  3. another customer also has the same problem also he said that you cannot activate HDR and FreeSync/G sync at the same time.

Final words:

Great deal with not so much budget heavy monitor you’ll get but more pricy as compared to ASUS or AOC’s products. So just take a deep look at this best monitor for 3080 and also for multipurpose.Click Here to check its price on AMAZON

3)SAMSUNG Odyssey G7: best monitor for RTX 3080best monitor for rtx 2070

Our first and top choice for you is SAMSUNG Odyssey G7. the reason behind choosing this sleek gadget is that it consists of plenty of features that not only support a smooth experience but also assist you in playing fast-paced games, doing office work, running heavy software, using MS TEAMS and also reading documents in its WQHD resolution.

So it’s the best monitor for RTX 3070 a gaming GPU that boosts your usage experience. Let’s talk about its features one by one so that choosing this precious monitor becomes easier.

No matter the price tag is almost 800$ but look what’s inside a box, 32 inches huge curved display at WQHD provides a smooth and clear picture at 1440p.

Playing competitive games here with 1000R curvature which also matches with the human eye, so there is maximal immersion and minimal eye strains.


Detailed review:

There is an infinity core lightning feature at the back end of the monitor which shines and shows a great appearance of this gadget.

Lightning-fast 240 Hz refresh rate provides you with a much high FPS than a traditional monitor. So enjoying gaming in 60-90 Fps without lag is such kind of joyous experience.

While playing competitive games a single second delay destroys your whole hard work, but here you don’t meet these conditions due to 1ms response time. So at least there is no lag from an input side.

Moreover, G-Sync, as well as FreeSync technology, works at the backend while you are focusing to beat your enemy. There is no stuttering, ghosting, or tearing of pixels in the Samsung Odyssey g9. It matches every single frame from the graphic card as well. So it’s a great RTX 3080 monitor I guess. What do you say?

The highest rate of color reproduction rate is seen here with QLED. not only just color but also sharp display in dark zones as well. More appealing features are present here which increeases accuracy of this monitor and made this monitor best RTX 3080 monitor.

600 HDR with VA panel which ensures picture quality is more vibrant and clear just like real.

Furthermore, there is a VESA wall-mountable 100x100mm as well with a pretty cool moveable stand as well that can be tilted, pivoted, and swivel up top at some specified angles as well.

Lastly, if we discuss its connectivity, then I say that you will get 1 HDMI port, 1 2x display port, USB port as well with easy connectivity.

These features reflect its use in the best gaming monitor RTX 3080 as well. Click Here to check its price on AMAZON

  • Good for gaming.
  • good for RTX graphic card.
  • Fast response time.
  • Narrow vieing angles due to VA panel.
  • Heavy on pocket.

Key Specs and Features:

SIZE: 32 iches




WEIGHT: 14.3 lbs

DIMENSIONS:27.96 x 17.29 x 7.37″ inches


CONNECTIVITY: 1x HDMI, 1x USB port x1, Headphone jack, 2x display port.


SPECIAL FEATURES: Black stabilizer, Super Arena gaming UX, Eyecare, Windows certification.

Customers’ Response after purchasing:

In amazon, people gave this gadget 4.5-star ratings, that much better feedback about this precious gadget. now we’ll discuss what people things about this gadget.

Liked things:

  1. Great monitor with amazing response time, contrast ratio, and a nice range of features with a curved screen. These sentences showed complete satisfaction by one of its buyers who gave a 4-star rating. He just has an issue with its high price.
  2. Another customer gives a 5-star rating and said that its fast GPU is capable of delivering a 240 Hz refresh rate.

Disliked things:

  1. Its stand and back end RGB is much disliked by one customer and he said that I want the same featured monitor with these to things in better quality.
  2. another customer gives this gadget 1 star and says that SAMSUNG deserves this because they are not given attention to budling cheap cables.
  3. Also, the color quality is not considered good as we expect in 1000$ monitor.

Final words:

Being a reviewer I see that Samsung’s product is much useful in gaming and watching videos on 4K. So it’s a great deal for you to consider it in addition to the best RTX 380 monitor. Click Here to check its price on AMAZON

4)Gigabyte Aorus FI32U: Best monitor for RTX 3080best monitor for rtx

If you want a gaming experience in 4K visuals then Gigabyte Aorous FI32 is the best choice. not only because of its 4K graphics but also with plenty of gaming features which made it the best monitor for RTX 3080.

With higher resolution gaming content will be visualized in a much more realistic display. Its 4K visual delivers a more crisp, smooth, and more true-to-life experience.

The superfast IPS panel provides clear colors so that its response time reduces and reaches 1 ms. That is what we want while gaming fast experience with no input lag at 1 ms.

Moreover, 31.5 inches huge screen size at 3840 x 2160 resolution, when combined with a 144 Hz refresh rate, makes your gaming to the next level. Every object becomes clear and smooth in front of your eyes in this best RTX monitor.

Here you have HDMI 2.1 with the help of which you get 4K 144 Hz offering more advantage in competitive and shooting games.


Detailed review: Best monitor for 3080 ti

let’s discuss its color accuracy because here we have  90% of DCI-P3 color space which delivers more accurate and realistic color also due to its panels as well. Also here you have VESA HDR 600 which expends the range of light of a display. That means with AOROUS your gaming won’t be disturbed because there are also features that work at the backend to increase accuracy. These all and much more features made this the best monitor for 3080 ti.

Furthermore, there is little more you get by spending 1000$ on this sleek gadget because there is a powerful sound quality because of the embedded ESS SABRE chip.

There is now no worry to think about its tearing, stuttering, and ghosting of images because you will have FreeSync premium support which enhances its performance. So it’s a great choice of monitor for RTX 3080 Ti.

For the next-level gaming experience here you have a black stabilizer that shows the detailed image in darker areas of zones. And when it’s combined with AIM STABILIZER SYNC there is easier for you to takkle your opponents.

Lastly, there is no need to worry about your eyes also because of its Eye safe technology which is TÜV Rheinland and Eyesafe® association, and the Flicker-less feature. Click Here to check its price on AMAZON.

  • There is HDMI 2.1 and USB-C.
  • Great audio quality.
  • Fast refresh rate and high FPS.
  • Average contrast ratio.
  • No G sync technology.

Key Specs and Features:

SIZE: 31.5” inches



REFRESH RATE:144Hz ,120Hz for Console Game*

WEIGHT: 17.1 pounds (7.8kg)

DIMENSIONS:697.3056 x 392.2344 (mm)


CONNECTIVITY: HDMI 2.1 (support 4K 144Hz 4:4:4 @ DSC enabled or 4K 144Hz 4:2:0) x2,Display port 1.4 (DSC) x1,USB Type-C x1, Earphone jackx 1, Microphone Jack x1.


SPECIAL FEATURES: OSD sidekick, Black stabilizer 1.0, RGB fusion 2.0, Crosshair.

Customers’ Response after purchasing:

This monitor has a 4.4-star rating on Amazon which looks great if we talk about its features and how they work but also some people have little issues that are why they give low ratings. Let’s discuss its good and bad reviews in detail.

Liked things:

  1. One of its buyers gave this gadget 5-star ratings and said that he had later Lg27GN950, mpg341cqr, Fi27q-p, benq28 monitor but this one Fi32U is the best of the rest. Also, he advised that there is no monitor which comes out from a box with the best gaming settings you have to explore settings and set them according to your need.
  2. Another one gave this same 5 star and loves its HDR which working much properly and also this can be used excellent with X box and ps4 as well.

Disliked things:

  1. A buyer is going to return this gadget just by saying that its white web page hurts his eyes. So he gives 3 stars.
  2. Another customer has an issue with edge lightning and bad dynamic contrast which can’t be disabled so he gave this monitor 2 stars rating. Click Here to check its price on AMAZON.

Final words:

It’s a great monitor and much suitable for 1000$. There is no need to worry about its price because at that range it will deliver you much higher features with the best numbers.

5)ASUS ROG Swift PG279QM: Best monitor for RTX 3080rtx

After more research, our team considered ASUS ROG Swift PG279QM to be the best monitor for RTX 3080 ti and also gaming because of its fast 240 Hz refresh rate and fast response time. There are a lot of quality features that made ASUS the best brand in the market and also due to their reasonable price.

It’s the best 27 inches monitor at 1440 p QHD pixel which delivers more clear image quality than other 720p monitors. Besides that there you get an IPS paneled screen which widens the viewing angles and also improves its picture quality at better FPS. Enjoy an ultra-smooth gaming experience with a 1 ms response time which reduces any kind of input lag and blurry pixels.

Moreover, the 240 Hz refresh rate is great for playing competitive games like Warzone, destiny 2, Pubg, and Fortnite in a very smooth way. Also, its G-sync certified monitor so that no picture will be ghosted, stuttered, or tearing object is seen.


Detailed review:

Image quality is great with DCI-P3 professional color gamut and also HDR 400 support. So images look real in front of you with an accurate brightness level. That is what we want in the best gaming RTX 3080 ti monitors.

Furthermore, there are a lot of connectivity options we can see HDMI ports, display ports, and headphone jack in addition to 2×2 stereo speakers as well. So good quality sound is also delivered by ASUS in that precious monitor which is best for RTX 3080 as well.

For protecting our precious eyes there is certification of TÜV Low Blue Light and Low blue light for eye easiness and comfort.

There is another feature that we are going to discuss, its sleek design stand that can be tilted, pivoted, swiveled, and height-adjusted with Kensington lock as well. Click Here to check its price on AMAZON.


  • Budget friendly.
  • Native G-sync technology.
  • Good for gamers.
  • Some times black looks gray in a dark room.
  • There is no DSC.

Key Specs and Features: Best monitor for 3080 ti.

SIZE: 27-inch




WEIGHT: 8.1 Kg

DIMENSIONS:614 x 367 x 90 mm


CONNECTIVITY: DisplayPort 1.4, 3x HDMI 2.0,Headphone Jack, 2x USB 3.0


SPECIAL FEATURES: Trace Free Technology, GamePlus, Game Visual: Yes, VRR Technology is included in this best monitor for 3080 ti.

Customers’ Response after purchasing:

This monitor got a lot of love from Amazon because its rating is great 4.5 stars. Most of its buyers show a satisfied attitude towards its specs and features. Because its working performance is great, color quality, graphic card, stand and all other features.

Liked things:

  1. Easy to use the menu, no dead pixels, installed USB hub, and much more.

Disliked things:

  1. Its price is much high on Amazon as compared to best buy.

So consider this if you want the best monitor for 3080.

Click Here to check its price on AMAZON.


Final words:

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