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Best laptop for apex legends: Detailed Review of top products

Apex legends is a battle royale shooting game which is loved by most gamers when it was released in 2019. A good quality laptop is always required if you want smooth gaming even in the fast-paced zone of the map. So here is our detailed blog which covers all the key points of buying the Best laptop for apex legends and other competitive games.

As we all know that gaming is a different task than programming, editing, and office work. For gaming, you must require a perfect laptop which is sometimes the reason behind your victory. Your device matters a lot in competitive games. So here is our detailed research for you to buy the best gaming laptop for apex legends. So take your decision wisely and go for the top-rated product.

List of Best laptops for apex legends:

  1. HP Victus 16: Best laptop for apex legends
  2. Razer Blade 15: Best laptop for apex legends
  3. ASUS ROG Zephyrus G15: Best laptop for apex legends
  4. Acer Predator Helios 300 15″: Best gaming laptop for apex legends
  5. Acer aspire 5: Best laptop for apex legends
  6. Lenovo 2-in-1 laptop 2020: Best gaming laptop for apex legends

Let’s discuss our first product.

HP Victus 16:

best laptop for apex legends

When our team starts research on the best laptop to play apex legends they find HP laptops more attractive because of their high-class gaming features. So they consider HP Victus 16 the best gaming laptop to run high-class games with a reasonable price tag.

It offers Windows 11 for a smooth and calm experience while playing games or doing a kind of office work. 11th Gen Intel® Core™ processors made your gaming unstoppable and calm, so enjoy a super smooth gaming experience after buying this best HP VICTUS 16 laptop.

This laptop comes up with the RTX™ 3060 gaming graphic card which offers a soft experience while running heavy software. Also, long-time streaming and video editing bea=comes fruitful experiences with it.

It offers upto 16 GB DDR4 RAM with 512 GB Intel® PCIe® SSD harddisk. So go and check out its price and buy this brilliant laptop from the store.

Moreover, get incredible performance due to enhanced Ray Tracing Cores and Tensor Cores, therefore lot of reasons to say that it’s the best laptop to run apex legends.

For gaming, the manufacturer installs a lot of features in this gadget one of them is a 144 Hz refresh rate which offers high fps for a smooth gaming experience. So the screen refreshes much fastly during a fast-paced gaming environment.

It’s a 100% approved laptop to protect eyes from low blue light rays without destroying any color quality. So using this monitor for many hours does not affect your health.

Furthermore, it’s a 16 inches display laptop with an IPS panel type screen with 100% sRGB support that delivers the coloring of objects more realistic and amazing.

The maximum turbo speed of this gadget is 4,20 GHz strong enough to run heavy games on this laptop without lag.

Battery life is also satisfying with 30 min time of recharging 50% back. So it does not waste your precious time anymore.

  • CPU and GPU perform really well under full load conditions.
  • Speedy 1080p gaming
  • Little screen tearing due to lack of VRR support.
  • It’s quite heavy on the budget for most people.


Screen Size: 16.1 Inches

Ram Memory:8 GB DDR4

Memory Speed: ‎3200 MHz

Hard Drive:512 GB flash_memory_solid_state

Item Weight: ‎7.93 pounds

Package Dimensions: ‎24.2 x 13.4 x 2.8 inches

Razer Blade 15:

best laptop for apex legends

Now its time t introduce one of the best laptops of the RAZER brand which is the Razer Blade 15, a fantastic great features laptop that offers plenty of relaxation for gamers. So gamers prefer this laptop because it’s the best gaming laptop for Apex Legends.

With a Razer blade 15, it’s time to enhance your gaming experience with a 12th Gen Intel® Core™ processor (14-core) fast processor which brings your gaming just into another world. There will be no lag while playing high-paced competitive games like Apex Legends and the system supports a lot while heavy loads.

It comes up with RTX GeForce 30 graphic card so it’s time to upgrade your gaming world and leave traditional trends just by buying Razer Blade 15.

Much high refresh rate of the screen made you look at every action of the game. It’s your choice to use it on  Full HD 360Hz, QHD 240Hz (G-SYNC), or a new UHD 144Hz display.

Moreover, the 12th Generation processor allows its user to chat, browse, stream, edit, record, and playvery smoothlyy. That’s why most gamers and streamers prefer this laptop over others.

Integrated Killer® Wi-Fi 6E AX16900 delivers nonstop WIFI technology without disconnection or any troubleshooting problems.

Here a new RTX 3070 ti graphic card provides a much faster gaming experience than those laptops having 2070 super. Also, 16 GB RAM at  GDDR6 memory makes gaming or editing smooth and fast. The loading time of applications and heavy software takes no time with the Next-Gen DDR5 (4800MHz) memory.

Whether you are going with FHD or 4K, there will be an end to end visuals at 15.6 inches display with minimum bezels increasing its accuracy.

This system is designed in such a way to dissipate the extra amount of heat and maintain the temperature efficiently. Protecting your GPU and CPU much more efficiently.

There are a lot of connectivity options including Thunderbolt 4 and HDMI ports. Also, personalize your gaming with an RGB keyboard and much more features.


Processor: 12th Gen Intel® Core™ i9 Processor (14-core)

Graphics: Up to GeForce RTX™ 3080 Ti Laptop GPU

Storage: 1TB PCIe Extra M.2 PCIe Slot

Memory: 16GB or 32GB RAM (DDR5 4800MHz)

OS: Windows 11 Home

  • Great port selection, 1080p webcam, and a top-notch smooth touchpad.
  • Fantastic gaming performance.
  • High price due to heavy features.
  • low battery life

Conclusion: Best laptop for apex legends

Playing apex legends on a laptop is a next-level joyous experience for you guys. So buy a cool gadget that also works well for other purposes as well and gaming will be your priority. Also, look for some split screen gadget that also works well for gaming and other small use. But when we talk about gaming it is advised to go with a high RAM and sharp processor laptop which will increase the performance of gaming even in more rush areas of zones. So if you like this post then comment your thoughts below and share this with your friends as well.

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